How should I behave in Level Up?
Not sure what to expect in Level Up - and what Level Up expects from you in terms of how to behave in the space? Read this article.
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What's Level Up?

In short, Level Up is an online 2D world hosted in Gather.Town, where you can "play" as an avatar and interact with other real people and different objects to help you learn how to code so that you can pass the Microverse Coding Challenges.

Level Up is also a great way to digitally build relationships and explore a social, interactive space with others.

How to behave in Level Up

When engaging with the Level Up space, we advise that you keep a few fundamental principles in mind to maximize the fun and safety for all users:

1️⃣ First time using Gather.Town? Learn how it works!

  • Entering Level Up in Gather.Town can be highly confusing, particularly for those who haven't played PC games. Gather.Town’s tutorial lets you know how to function in the space before you start.

  • If you don't know how to use Gather.Town, you are more likely to accidentally disturb someone and interrupt their learning.

2️⃣ Follow the Code of Conduct.

  • Don't comment on people's appearance, gender expression, race, religion, or anything else that can be considered harassment. Please don't ask for pictures of other attendees or ask about their marital status.

    👉 Level Up is not a dating site nor a site to promote your business or product. 👈

3️⃣ Join Level Up from a quiet area.

  • Background noise can be super disruptive to other people trying to learn. Please always be muted if you cannot join from a quiet space.

4️⃣ Talk to other people!

  • This is a space for collaboration and teamwork. If you need a partner to help you get through a specific level, try approaching another person by your level, create a bubble, and ask if they would like to partner up with you or if they can schedule a time to do it later.

5️⃣ Join our Slack Community! 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

  • Additional support can be provided in our Slack Community for when you get stuck or can't find a partner in the space. Check out the #level-up-experience channel!

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