It's a common question that we get when applicants are filling out the Registration Form. Since we have students from all over the world, but our team only knows a handful of languages, it is best practice to translate your proof of ID or your proof of address to English so we can review them.

What we need from you

In the translation, specify each part of the document, such as "first name," "expiration date," et cetera, so we understand the context of each item. Type the above information in the document's original language and upload the document with your edits. Here's an example:

Photo source: Wikipedia, editing our own.

You can use any image editing software to do that, such as Paint, Photoshop (7-day free trial), Canva, Gimp, Photoscape X, or Pixlr.

What if my document is in a different alphabet or script?

If your Proof of Address or your ID is in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Persian, Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ge'ez, or any other language that does not use the Latin alphabet, you need to translate not only the categories of the document (Expiration date, First Name, Surname) but also your information, like your name (like John Smith), address (Street KW, Number 168), etc.

Please note that for utility bills as proof of address, you do not need to translate specifics (your usage, the amount), but only the name and address.

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