Not sure where to start? This article outlines the different levels that comprise Level Up and provides insights into what you can anticipate at each level.

🚀 Here's what you can expect

Levels Summary

What you'll learn

1️⃣, 2️⃣, and 3️⃣: JavaScript

The basic structures of JavaScript, including variables and data types, conditionals, and loops.

4️⃣ and 5️⃣: Challenges

You will participate in guided challenges in Level 4, while in Level 5, you will work on unguided challenges, using what you learned in the previous levels.

6️⃣: Debugging & Challenges

You will learn about debugging with the console in JavaScript and review previous challenges while working on additional challenges.

7️⃣: Web Development

Introduction to web development, where you will learn about the web, how it works, and the role of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in creating websites.

8️⃣: HTML

You will receive an introduction to HTML, including the most frequently used tags.

9️⃣ and 🔟: CSS

You will learn the basics of CSS, including an introduction to CSS and the most frequently used styling rules.

1️⃣1️⃣: Git & GitHub

You will learn the basics of Git and GitHub, including installation, basic Git commands, and a Git/GitHub collaborative task.

1️⃣2️⃣: Project

An introduction to a Culmination Project which will introduce you to GitHub Classroom and offer you the chance to work on two projects. One project will focus on HTML/CSS, and the other will encompass HTML/CSS/JS.

🤔 Do I have to complete all levels?

If you already have some experience coding, you can start at a more challenging level and move either up or down a level as needed. However, you should not skip levels or start anywhere else than in Level 1 if you have zero or very little coding experience.

Microverse encourages mastery learning, and if you struggle to achieve mastery or try to take shortcuts in your learning - you may not be the optimal fit for our full-time, full-stack developer Program.

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