In the last months, Microverse has seen an increase in applicants, and as a result, more students that are ready to join the Program. We want to ensure every student gets a diverse and global learning experience since it's a large part of what will make you a competitive job searcher and a better professional. We follow a diversity policy that limits the number of students starting simultaneously from any given country, and from any given continent. And, sometimes, the class you want to join is simply full.

If that happens to you, we will enroll you in one of the later start dates. For example, if you want to join the July class, we might enroll you in the August or September class instead, depending on the diversity policy and class size. If that happens, we will also offer to add you to the waitlist if a seat opens at the last minute.

Joining the waitlist means you're ready and willing to start the program earlier than your assigned date. In return, we'll offer you enrollment in earlier classes if and when someone else drops out.

😳 What does this mean?

Once you let us know through email that you're interested in being on the waitlist, we'll keep an eye out for any earlier spots that may become available. We review the incoming class daily for potential drop-outs up until a week before each start date, and reach out to waitlisted students often via email.

Don't stress if you don't get a spot in an earlier class - you still have a confirmed seat in your assigned start class! This gives you time to prepare mentally and financially, and you can keep your coding skills sharp. That way, you'll be all set for your first day.

πŸ€” What should you do now?

We want to make sure you don't miss out on any earlier spots that may become available, so please add these email addresses to your Safe Senders list in your inbox to avoid our emails ending up in your Spam or Junk folder πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Most importantly, you should spend the extra time to prepare for what will be one of the most intense learning experiences of your life. Read this article for what we recommend you do to prepare.

πŸ’» Keep coding

Brush up on and maintain your coding skills. Use this extra time to improve your coding skills and get a head start on learning. The Microverse students that drop out often do so in the first month of the Program because they felt unprepared, so check out the resources below and keep coding until your start date.

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