The list of tools below is helpful during the Admissions process but will also be used once you become a Micronaut 👩‍💻

Recommended ✅

  • Grammarly, to write more efficiently

  • LinkedIn, to connect with other people and for job hunting!

  • Loom, to quickly share your screen and record yourself

  • Zoom to attend classes and collaborate during Trials (please note that there is a 40-minute limit if you're not on a premium account or a Microverse Student)

  • Google Meet is another option for collaborating during the Trials (no time limit)

  • GitHub

  • Slack (to join our Slack Community or our Student Slack).

  • A code editor, like Sublime Text or similar

  • Discourse

  • If necessary, a noise reduction tool can help, like Krisp

Productivity ⌛

Other resources to learn about coding and connect with people 👥

To practice coding 💻

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