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Level Up enforcing cap on number of users allowed
Level Up enforcing cap on number of users allowed
Learn more about what it means for you as a Level Up attendee.
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Level Up was previously a resource available to all Microverse applicants, allowing unfiltered access to our curated and partially hosted learning space. However, this has changed.

Access to Level Up is limited to 100 users

From December 31, 2022, joining the Level Up space is only available to 100 concurrent users. For us, this limited-seats opportunity means that we:

  1. Encourage collaboration 🀝
    By limiting access to the space, we believe applicants with the right attitude, drive, and skills will attend Level Up and foster a strong community therein.

  2. Reduce inactive users 😡
    When only 100 people are allowed to attend the space at the same time, we'll periodically kick out those that are not engaging with the materials in the space.

  3. Improve your chance of success πŸ’ͺ
    With the right community and engaged environment, your ability to learn and adopt a peer-based curriculum will be significantly enhanced and set you up for easier integration into the full-time Program.

If you're not sure of what Level Up is, and what this all means, you can read:

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