Microverse, DoubleGDP, and the city of Nkwashi are partnering up to pilot a new "Hackers In Residence" program. The program will provide its participants with housing, training, supplies, and a living stipend while they study software development and learn job skills.

We aim to have two to four student residents move into Nkwashi in each of our upcoming cohorts.

What you'll get as part of the program:

  1. Free housing & meals: You'll live with fellow student residents in a house at Nkwashi. You'll pay no rent and get free meals while you go through the Microverse program.

  2. Free utilities: You'll have access to a high-speed and stable internet connection and regular power supply to optimize your learning.

  3. Living stipend: You'll get a stipend to cover your other basic necessities as well.

  4. Equipment stipend: If you need help getting the right equipment in place for your studies, you'll get help with that, too!

  5. Web development education: You'll get all the support provided to Microverse students, from learning web development to career coaching (more information here).

What you'll give as part of the program:

  1. Remain enrolled in Microverse: You must uphold all Microverse student standards and remain enrolled in the full-time program that runs from 9 am - 6:15 pm, Zambia time.

  2. Move to Nkwashi: You must move to Nkwashi, at least for the length of the Microverse program. We ask that you consider continuing to live at Nkwashi once you're employed.

  3. Give back to the community: You must participate in building the city's economy and culture and help attract new residents.

  4. Document your journey on social media: We'll also ask that you document your journey through social media to help spread the word about Nkwashi and the HIR program. You must be comfortable with social media and have good English writing skills. However, you don't have to be a proficient social media user already. Our team will help guide you through it!

  5. Pay Microverse back: You will pay for your education through Microverse's no-upfront-cost structure, but only once you land a job that pays more than $1,000/month. This is the only aspect of the "HIR" program that you'll need to pay back.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Complete your Microverse application by the appropriate deadlines.

  2. If you're accepted into Microverse, you will get interviewed for Nkwashi's "Hackers In Residence" program. You must be a legal resident of Zambia to participate.

  3. If you get accepted into the "HIR" program, you will move into Nkwashi a few days before starting Microverse's full-time program.

Learn more about Microverse through our most frequently asked questions.

Meet fellow Zambians who are currently in the Microverse program:

Elbie M.

"El" is from Lusaka but loves to travel in and out of Zambia. He's been at Microverse since early 2020 and is about to start job searching for awesome remote jobs!

Elbie's thoughts about Microverse: "My experience at Microverse has been outstanding. It's so much more than what I got at the university where I studied computer science. There's an abundance of free material out there, but at Microverse, you have up-to-date resources that teach modern [development] languages and actually help you get a job."

Elbie's thoughts about the new HIR Program: "There's lots of untapped talent here. I think this [Hackers in Residence] program is excellent because it provides everything you need to succeed at Microverse and get a job."

Elisha K.

Elisha is from Zambia's Northwestern province. He joined Microverse last October and has been working hard at becoming a world-class developer ever since.

Elisha's thoughts about Microverse: "People in Zambia want to learn. They are looking for learning opportunities, but those aren't always financially or otherwise available to them. More people need to learn about what Microverse is offering, and students, like me, are able to serve as witnesses to the impact it can have in your life. I was doing another software program before but left it to join Microverse. When I compare what I'm doing [at Microverse] with what other people are doing in that [previous] program, I see that Microverse is so much better."

Elisha's thoughts about the new HIR Program: "I actually had already received emails from Nkwashi before and was already interested in being a part of it. I think this [Hackers In Residence] program is a very good opportunity."

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