Currently, we are estimating that our program will take 12 months to complete, from the time that you start the program to the time you get a job.

Here’s why:

Depending on your and your partners' pace, the core technical curriculum will take approximately 8 months. We want to highlight here that the time it takes does not only depend on you, but also on your coding partners.

In addition to the core technical curriculum, you will also complete a secondary curriculum called "Interview Prep" that is meant to help you get ready for interviews and applying to jobs. That will take about 1 month to complete, depending on your and your partner's pace.

Finally, it usually takes 2-3 months to secure a job after finishing the Interview Prep curriculum.

Thus, on average, a student will take 12 months from the time they start with the program to the time they secure a job.

This is why we require students to have 12 months of financial support available. It may take less time for you, but we want you to be ready to support yourself financially for 12 months until the time you get your first paycheck.

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