Do I need to complete Level Up?
Already confident in your coding skills? Then Level Up is maybe not necessary. But you're still welcome to join!
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No, Level Up is completely optional. We facilitate these learning opportunities to help you succeed at the Coding Challenges and then the subsequent Microverse Trials. However, you can learn using any resources, or skip Level Up completely.

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» How do I know whether Level Up is for me?

Great question! By visiting the Level Up world (hosted in Gather), you are not committing to doing any amount of work or investing any amount of time. That means you can visit, determine if it's useful to you, and make a decision from there.

We like to break down the potential value you could gain from Level Up based on your prior coding exposure:

🐣 I'm pretty new to coding

Fantastic! If you have some, little, or even no previous experience coding at all, then I am happy to say that Level Up was designed specifically for you πŸ’œ

πŸ₯ I know some coding, but I'm not an expert

Awesome! Try popping in and, depending on your current skills and knowledge, start working from a level or topic that challenges you (instead of starting at level 1 if it's too easy).

If you can make it to the finishing line, then you have ample skills to carry you through the Coding Challenges and beyond.

πŸ“ I'm, like, very good at coding

Even if you're highly skilled, Level Up facilitates human connection. You can enjoy meeting applicants and Microverse alums to help you decide whether Microverse is a good path for you.

If, after reading this article, you’ve decided you want to join Level Up, please keep in mind that from December 31, 2022, the Level Up space is only available to 100 simultaneous users.

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