What is the Admission Interview?
After the Microverse Trials, we ask you for an interview. Learn more about the Admission Interview and how to prepare here.
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The Admission Interview is the final step in our application before getting accepted. Once you complete the Trials, you will get invited to complete a quick 20-30 minute interview with us. The interview will happen remotely and asynchronously through video interview software, so you can do it whenever it's most convenient for you. 

What will we talk about?

During the interview, we'll ask about your previous experience with software development and online learning. We'll also ask about how you are getting ready to commit to our full-time schedule (including your financial plan for the next 12 months). Finally, we'll ask a simple yet important question: "Why should we invest in you?". This is your time to bring up all those traits that will make you a great Microverse student and, eventually, an exceptional software developer. 

How should I prepare?

To prepare for our interview:

  • Make sure to have a clear idea/plan of what you need to do to commit to the program full-time (e.g. source of income or financial support, stable access to internet and electricity, etc.). 

  • Before starting the interview, ensure that your equipment (microphone, webcam, etc.) is working well, that your internet connection is stable, and that your work environment is quiet and distraction-free. Remember, you will be recording your answers to our questions.

  • Finally, bring the best version of yourself to the interview! We are looking for exceptional individuals who, with the proper training, can become exceptional professionals. Make us feel confident about our investment in you.

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