What are the Microverse Coding Challenges?
These are challenges in HackerRank that you can try solving as many times as you want. Read more about them in this article.
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The Coding Challenges consist of solving three (3) algorithmic problems using JavaScript. 

You will be able to access the Microverse Coding Challenges once you register as a Microverse applicant.

You will have a maximum of 4 hours to solve the three coding challenges (although it will likely take you around 2-3 hours). However, if you are not able to pass all the challenges after the 4 hours are up, you should still submit them. We will provide some recommendations on what to improve before you try again. You may try solving the JavaScript Coding Challenges as many times as you want. This will not affect your application results.

There is no need to practice beforehand and, as we mentioned before, there is no penalty for not passing on your first try. However, if you prefer to practice solving other challenges to gain more confidence, go ahead! Here are some suggestions.

You will need a high-speed and stable Internet connection to access the problems and submit your solutions, so make sure you take care of that first.

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