What are the Microverse Trials?
When applying to Microverse, you'll be paired with other applicants in the Microverse Trials. Learn more about what that includes here.
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👋 Overview

The Microverse Trials is one of the most important parts of the application process. 

You will be paired with three (3) other applicants and will meet with each of them separately to build three (3) different programming projects. 

You will spend four (4) consecutive hours working with each of your partners, which means 12 hours of collaborative work under your belt! 

Each session with a new coding partner will be done synchronously, using pair programming, on a video call, and sharing your screen. The session should not last more than the 4 hours allotted, and you should not continue working on your project asynchronously!

At the end of each project, you will rate your partner’s English, coding, and collaboration skills, and each of your partners will do the same for you.

🦾 What are you going to build?

Each session will begin with a warm-up of two randomly-selected HackerRank coding challenges (solved using JavaScript). You will do one of the challenges as a Driver and another as a Navigator, helping your coding partner when needed. If you are not familiar with these terms, click here to learn about pair programming. 

After the warm-up challenges, you will move on to the main project.

For the main project, you will build a very simple web page using HTML, CSS, and Github. The project is not focused on creating something complex, but on giving both of you the opportunity to collaborate by doing something you both feel comfortable with.

If you need a refresher of HTML & CSS before working with your coding partners, you can take a look at the following two resources: HTML Cheatsheet & CSS Cheatsheet.

If you have never worked with HTML and CSS before, we recommend that you complete the following two short courses (just complete the free sections): Codecademy HTML course & Codecademy CSS course.

🤖 What is the purpose of the Microverse Trials?

By going through the Microverse Trials, we are answering two distinct questions:

1️⃣ Is Microverse for you?

The Trials give you the opportunity to try what a typical day in the full-time program will be like. This project gives you the chance to spend 4 hours working hard with another developer while determining if this is something that you want to do for the next 12 months of your life as a Microverse student. If you don't enjoy the Trials, Microverse is maybe not the best choice for you.

2️⃣ Do you have what it takes to join Microverse?

To give us (the Microverse team), an opportunity to see how you code, collaborate and communicate with fellow developers. To be successfully admitted, we expect applicants to show a high degree of professionalism, a willingness to learn and teach, and much more. The Trials help us assess these attributes as objectively as possible.

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