Like many global schools and companies, we use English as the default language for all communications. A lot of great jobs out there require a good English level so it is critical that you perfect this language if you want to be a successful global developer. 

You need to be around a B2 English level or higher in order to join our school.

Below is a quick reference to the Common European Framework of Reference's (CEFR) description of English levels. However, if you're still not sure after reading the description, you can a free online test to test your English.

A1: Beginner
Can understand and communicate simple basic phrases.

A2: Elementary
Can understand and interact specific information in advertisements menus, and understand high frequency vocabulary.

B1: Intermediate
Can deal with familiar situations frequently encountered in work and life in English.

B2: Upper Intermediate
Can interpret and produce complex information of both concrete and abstract topics in English.

C1: Advanced
Can infer implicit meaning and use English flexibly in social and professional settings.

C2: Proficient
Can understand and communicate with ease, spontaneity and precision for virtually all types of written and spoken forms of English.

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