How much does Level Up cost?
Read this article to learn whether Microverse will charge you anything for attending Level Up.
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Level Up costs absolutely nothing, except your time and attention πŸ‘€

The skills you gain throughout Level Up will, in isolation, not be enough to get you to the skills of a full-stack developer. It is designed to help you meet the technical demands of the Coding Challenges, which you need to pass in order to continue with your Microverse application πŸ’ͺ

Level Up was previously a resource available to all Microverse applicants, allowing unfiltered access to our curated and partially hosted learning space. However, from December 31, 2022, the Level Up space is only available to 100 simultaneous users. If you try to access Level Up and see that the space is full, you can try again a bit later.

Learn more about the differences between Level Up and the Microverse full-time program here πŸ‘ˆ

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