What is Coded by Her?

Microverse’s Coded by Her Initiative is a global campaign aimed at attracting, supporting, and mentoring women as they learn to code and land life-changing remote jobs at global tech companies. Microverse, a remote coding school that charges nothing until students land a job, is open to any country in the world. Students learn through a peer-to-peer learning model, shown by research to be a more enjoyable and successful way of learning software, especially for women. Motivated by the global gender imbalance in the tech industry, we created Coded by Her to attract and support more women learning to code and starting careers in tech.

Who can apply? 

Any woman from any country who applies to Microverse’s full-time program and indicates financial need can apply for a Coded by Her Stipend. During the pilot program, up to 40 women will receive stipends to help pay for living expenses, Internet, electricity, and childcare. Once more funds become available, we plan to expand the program. 

How can I apply? 

Since Microverse is a full-time program, all applicants answer a question about whether they will have enough financial support to study full-time for 6-8 months. With the Coded by Her launch, women applying for the program can now indicate whether they have financial need when they fill out the initial application. Eligible women will then be invited to apply for the stipends once they have reached the fourth step in Microverse’s application process, the Microverse Trials. 

What is the stipend for and how much money is it? 

Coded by Her Stipends will be awarded based on financial need, and during the pilot program will be in amounts meant to supplement women’s monthly expenses. Stipends will range from $20 to $180 USD a month, for up to 6 months. Eligible expenses include basic living expenses, Internet connections, electricity bills, and childcare expenses. A small number of one-time equipment stipends are available as well (e.g., for a new microphone or Webcam). For ongoing 6-month stipends, continued funding will be contingent on satisfactory progress in the program.

When will I know if I’ve received funding?

Women will know whether they have funding by the time they reach the final stage of the multi-step Microverse application process. Since Microverse admissions are ongoing (a new cohort begins each month), stipend applications are ongoing as well.

What if I need more than $180 USD a month?

We are working to secure additional funds so we can offer women more support during their time at Microverse. At this time, however, we can only offer funds intended to supplement a woman’s monthly expenses, not pay them fully. 

I'm a current Microverse student and could use some help, can I apply too?

Yes, current students as well as those already accepted and waiting to begin are eligible to apply for the Coded by Her Stipends. You will receive more information soon through Microverse student communications.

How can I get involved?

The pilot Coded by Her Stipend program has been made possible through the generous support of an anonymous family foundation. If you’re interested in supporting the fund and giving women around the world the chance to transform their lives, please contact us at [email protected].

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