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What if I have already completed certain parts of the curriculum?
What if I have already completed certain parts of the curriculum?
Microverse offers benefits beyond the technical curriculum that you can benefit from, regardless of your skill level. Read more here.
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Before joining Microverse, we ask applicants to complete the Web Development 101 course of The Odin Project. However, that's just an introduction to web development. 

During the full-time program, we cover the other 5 courses of The Odin Project (HTML & CSS, Ruby, Databases, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript), plus a course we put together for React/Redux, a capstone project after every course, and Interview Prep (all our own material). 

Completing those 5 courses from The Odin Project alone normally takes around 1,000 hours of work (approx. 8 months of full-time dedication). If you have already completed all of that, you might be repeating a lot of work unnecessarily.

However, we have had students in the past that had completed some parts of The Odin Project before, but when they did it again as part of their Microverse journey, they realized that having a coding partner forced them to learn things in much more depth, plus getting code reviews helped them improve their skills significantly. On top of that, you get 1,200+ hours of experience working remotely with your coding partners, improving your English level, and developing strong remote workflows.

If you think you have those things already, then Microverse might not be the right program for you, and what you really need is to start looking for jobs. If that's the case, we couldn't connect you with our Career Services team, but here is an article that we published with some tips to provide a clear direction on how to start preparing for interviews and looking for jobs.

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