We cannot accept "solo" students in our full-time web development program because our whole learning methodology is based on peer dynamics. We believe that in order to become a great software developer, you should not only learn how to write high-quality code but also, soft skills, like how to:

  • Teach to and learn from fellow developers

  • Collaborate well with a diverse set of people

  • Listen to others and respond appropriately

  • Communicate your ideas in an effective manner

  • Connect with future colleagues and employees

  • Practice good manners

  • Mentor and get mentorship from others

  • Negotiate compromises in working styles and ideas

  • Give constructive criticism

  • Maintain professionalism every day

As a student in the Program, you will learn each of these things by working with your coding partners. Our goal is to help you become great software developers AND well-rounded employees/coworkers/mentors as well. 

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