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Microverse is a global school for software developers that accepts students regardless of where they're from and doesn't charge them anything until they get a job. 

At Microverse, students learn through remote pair programming and real-time collaboration. As students spend more than 1,000 hours on the core curriculum, they learn remote workflows and acquire the collaboration and communication skills that prepare them to thrive working for a global company.

Throughout the program, students are supported by mentors, code reviewers, a dedicated student success team, and a personal career coach.

Microverse has received applications from approximately 200 countries and currently has enrolled students from over 40 countries. Microverse graduates have increased their salary 2x-8x after completing the full-time Program.


Ariel Camus founded Microverse in February 2018. Since then, Microverse has grown to employees from Argentina, El Salvador, the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, and the Philippines

You can read more about the team here.

Inspiring Stories from Microverse

  • A Microverse graduate from Nigeria is making 8x what he made previously working in a support role for a US-based company.
  • Students from Serbia and Kosovo put their countries’ differences aside and are working as full-time coding partners through pair programming.
  • Microverse has hired one of its graduates to be a full-time software engineer.
  • 45 year old mother of four from Algeria is learning to code full time.
  • A Nigerian couldn't afford to pay for the gas to keep his electricity generator running, which prompted Microverse to start trialing a living stipend program showing early success. 
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