Ariel Camus / Founder & CEO

Ariel has lived and worked in 7 different countries including Spain, Argentina, the USA, and Vietnam, and has been coding since he was 12. He previously founded Tourist Eye, a travel app with 1MM+ users acquired by Lonely Planet. He is famous for his bad jokes and Argentinian asados.

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Juanjo Mata / COO

Juanjo has spent 25 years writing software and managing teams at Netscape/Mozilla, Oracle, and startups like Teambox and Agroviz. With a passion for open-source tech and helping teams make a global impact, he spends his time between the San Francisco and Spain trying to catch a live music show with his wife whenever he can.


Gaby Suarez / Admissions

Gaby is a native Salvadoran, Spanglish-speaking, dog (and sushi) lover. Her background is in managerial consulting for large tech companies, but her professional passion lies in helping companies with strong social missions solve complex problems. 


Sher Tapang / Admissions

Sher is passionate about helping others, creating stronger communities, and advocating to build a happier society for everyone. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her working out in the gym, watching thriller series on Netflix, or spending quality time with her husband and daughter Julianne.

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Nico Kneler / Admissions

Born and raised in Argentina, Nico developed a music collaboration platform right after college and has been designing product strategies for startups ever since. When not working you'll find him walking about or looking for original furniture in flea markets.


Lydia Freeman / Student Success

Lydia has eaten her way through 15+ countries where she happily takes pictures of all animals. Her background is in business and financial analysis, with personal passions for startups, helping the environment and underserved communities. These days, you can find her around the world following warm weather.

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Willow Mata / Student Success

Willow believes deeply in education and global connections as the route to greater opportunity for all. Her background is in evaluation research, organizational learning, and international education. A native of California, Willow now lives with her husband and three bilingual children near Madrid, Spain.


Gregory Barrett / Student Success

Greg is a lover of travel and has lived in Asia, North America, and his native Europe. His background is in technology and education and he is passionate about working remotely. Outside of work, you'll find him in a garden center buying more plants for the small jungle he is growing on his balcony. 


Andrea Funda / Student Success

As an avid traveler, Andrea believes no road trip is successful without getting lost at least once. Professionally though, she loves helping people find their way. Her background is in process, project, and people management. Outside of work, she can usually be found playing board games, hiking, or mastering new recipes.


Emilia Andrzejewska / Curriculum & Learning

Emilia is a web developer by profession and a teacher at heart. She has 7 years of professional coding experience, mostly in C# and Ruby, and has served as a mentor on various bootcamps and Rails Girls communities. She has also spearheaded the creation of a community-led bootcamp in Poland. In her free time, Emily enjoys doing yoga and reading books. 


Israel Gutiérrez / Curriculum & Learning

Developing software for a few years, Israel discovered his element: education. He’s been a researcher in Technology Enhanced Learning, curriculum developer, teacher coordinator, and education innovator in bootcamps and initiatives aimed at helping people land jobs as software developers. After work, he plays around with his 2 kids and his dog Otto.

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Riley Spicer / Career Services

Riley cares about creating community and improving the world we live in. They come to Microverse with an eclectic background that includes attending a coding school then working as a software engineer at AWS. When not working to get our students hired, they can be found knitting, painting, or writing poetry somewhere around the world.


Maria Santos / Career Services

Maria has spent her entire professional career working in education in some form or another, both as a teacher and as a recruiter/sourcing specialist for an award-winning ed-tech company. She cares deeply about democratizing education and has more pet rabbits than she has family members. In her free time, she loves baking, taking weird Skillshare courses, and watching terrible B-movies on Netflix.


Jenn Best / Career Services 

Jenn is a career coach passionate about helping people change their lives. Her early career includes roles in management, recruiting, and hiring — giving her an extensive understanding of the hiring process and how applicant tracking software (ATS) filters work. She currently resides in the Portland, Oregon metro but calls Baden-Württemberg her true home. 

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Yvonne Alozie / Career Services

Yvonne started her career as a UX writer in a design agency in Lagos, Nigeria. On her way to becoming a Product Manager and Analyst, she found passion in tech education and helping young people transition into tech careers and ran a startup that did just that. Her pastime includes dancing salsa every weekend and taking her Samoyed for a walk.


Eric Newport / Career Services

Eric is a software engineer with a love for teaching. He has more than a decade of professional experience working as a developer at various tech companies but also trained to be a teacher in college. Career coaching at Microverse allows him to combine his passion for programming with his passion for pedagogy to help new developers learn the skills they need to get jobs and be successful working in tech.


Crystal Onyeari Mbanefo / Career Services

Crystal has had an amazing yet challenging journey of transitioning from careers within and outside of the IT industry. Today, she's dedicated to helping others make their career transition through her role as a Career Coach at Microverse.


Maciej Nowak / Software Development

Maciej is all about solving technical challenges and delivering good quality software products. He is in the IT industry since 2012. Personally, he's a healthy lifestyle addict with a passion for various kinds of sports.


Alvaro Sanchez Diaz / Software Development

Alvaro spent 5+ years working for international companies from his hometown of Mexico City before joining the Microverse program in 2018. After graduating, he was one of Microverse’s first software development hires. Now, Alvaro enjoys traveling while working remotely and connecting with the team in new cities around the world.

Meesen Brown / Head of Marketing

Meesen has spent her career living and working in countries around the world. She previously founded Behere (acquired), a booking and travel management platform for business and leisure travelers, and is passionate about helping shape the future of work. She loves being outdoors, reading, and finding ways to live more sustainably.


*It'd be remiss of us to leave out all of the partners, advisors, contractors, and contributors that help make our school great. Thank you all for the myriad ways that you help us every day!*

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