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How long does it take to get a coding partner?
How long does it take to get a coding partner?
In many stages of your application, you'll wait to be assigned a coding partner to work with. Read more about those stages in this article.
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You will be paired for the application process and for the full-time program, so the answer really depends on what stage of the process you are referring to.

(We do not pair students that are completing Level Up but highly encourage you to work with other peers on Gather.)

Application Process: Once you pass all of our coding challenges and submit your Check-In form, you will be paired with three other applicants to complete the collaborative part of the application process, the Microverse Trials. 

Full-Time Program: If you are accepted into the Program, you will be paired with a full-time partner a week prior to your start date. Rest assured that we will take into account the feedback you provided during the Trials when finding you the right partner. You will also switch partners several times throughout the Program to get a more diverse and rich learning experience. 

If you are curious about how remote pair programming works, click here.

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