What is a Lunch & Learn?

A Lunch & Learn is a 30 minute talk from an experienced programmer, remote worker, freelancer, etc. The event can talk about the speaker's personal story, their experience working as a developer with their previous or present companies or any knowledge they can share to aspiring developers who are starting their career.

Why do you organize Lunch & Learns?

We organize weekly Lunch & Learns as webinars where we invite all our students and community to join. The goal is not to teach, but to inspire. We bring professionals who are doing really good in their careers to share their personal stories.

What is the typical background of a guest speaker?

If you work as a developer, chances are that you have an interesting and inspiring story to share. 

We have previously hosted speakers from Airbnb, Google, GitLab, Heroku and many other cool companies, and we are especially interested in speakers with experience in topics such as remote work, open source and freelancing.

You can take a look at some of the previous Lunch & Learns here.

When are the Lunch and Learns?

Since we have students in more than 25 countries, it really doesn't matter at which time of the day we do it, so we let the speaker decide. Don't worry though, if you are unable to attend a Lunch and Learn, we record them all so you can watch them later when you are available.

What happens during the Lunch & Learn?

We will invite and train two of our students to host the webinar. They will introduce the speaker and then they will have 15-20 minutes to talk about any topic that they want. During the talk, there is a way for all the participants to send questions, and the two hosting students moderate the questions and ask the top ones to the speaker. We will stream and record the talk.

How can I become a student host at a Lunch & Learn?

We are currently accepting applications from students to be Lunch and Learn hosts. Please fill out an application here.

Why would I want to be a student host?

Public speaking, and the ability to speak clearly are huge qualities that employer's want to see! Hosting a Lunch and Learn will be great for your online presence. It also shows employers leadership, collaboration and communication skills. It is also a great way to practice your English in a visible format. 

Do you record the talk?

Yes, since we have students all around the world, and some of them won't be able to join regardless of the time. That's why we record the talks and share them with everyone just in case.  

What topics do you want to hear about? Let us know in the questions below!

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