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What is a typical outcome after completing Microverse?
What is a typical outcome after completing Microverse?
Learn about past salary outcomes of Microverse alums and the factors that will affect your potential outcome.
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Your income/salary outcome from Microverse will depend on many different factors, including:

1. Do you prefer to work remotely or locally?

You may choose to work locally (in your town/city or nearby) which for many is limiting in terms of opportunities and potential pay. However, this can be an important step to get some experience before moving to a remote role. If you choose to focus on working remotely for a foreign company, you may significantly increase your potential salary.

2. Are you willing to relocate to another country?
For example, Canada makes it easier for companies to bring people there from other countries, and salaries there are $40,000+ per year.

3. Do you prefer to go the freelancing route?
In that case, it can take you 6-12 months before you start seeing a consistent revenue stream every month. However, once you have established a reputation, you could be easily earning $40,000+/year. It takes a lot of patience and hard work though.

4. Do you value mentorship over salary?  
Perhaps you are willing to take a lower-salaried job in exchange for great mentoring. Good mentorship, especially in the early stages of your career, is really important, and it might be worth accepting a lower local or remote salary if the mentorship is great.

5. How focused are you on searching for opportunities, networking with potential employers, and negotiating job offers?
Starting from Day 1 we will give you the tools you need to start growing your network in the tech community. As a Microverse student, you will get a personal career coach who will help you navigate through all things related to your job search. However, you are still the primary owner of your future career, and we expect you to take charge of it.

6. What kind of job would you like to have?
Software development is a large, growing industry with many different fields from Cybersecurity to front-end development. Read more about the different types of jobs you could pursue here.

Alums Outcomes

You can get to know some of our employed alums here.

As we'd like to avoid disclosing the exact individuals' salaries, below are some examples based on our experience helping Microverse alums get jobs: 

  • One of our students from Asia went from earning $20,000/year before the program to earning $40,000/year for a remote company in Europe. Seven months later, they secured a different remote job earning $50,000/year. 

  • One student in Africa went from earning $4,000/year to $24,000/year after completing the program. Several months later, they got a job earning $60,000/year. 

  • One of our students from the United States went from earning $40,000/year before the program to $60,000/year in a remote job after the program. 

  • One student in Africa went from earning $6,000/year to now earning $60,000/year for a remote company. 

  • Another student who is working remotely for a company in California is making $60,000/year. 

  • A student from Europe decided to take a local unpaid internship because he loves the company and the people who work there. After three months they will likely hire him full-time with a salary of around $18,000/year. He knows he can get a better salary looking for a remote job, but he prefers to work at that company for a couple of years first because the company is famous for offering great mentorship.

The possibilities are endless, which is why we can't tell you exactly how much you will earn once you complete the program. Previous experience and hard work play a role in the salaries students earn, and a lot depends on where you live and what kind of company you are working for. Other factors such as personal preferences will play a role as well. However, remember that you will not pay us if you are making less than $1,000USD/month.

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