This is a common question, but the answer is that it depends on how long it takes for you to recover and get back to coding.

If you fall sick, we will help create a plan for your coding partner that would allow them to keep developing their skills while they await your recovery. 

However, if your recovery takes more than a week, then we'll likely need to split up your partnership so that your partner's learning and progress are not hindered any further. You two would still continue working on the Program and supporting one another throughout, but just not learning collaboratively anymore. We will try to re-pair you if we have another solo student in the exact same spot in the curriculum, but we cannot guarantee that option. If it comes down to it, you may have to finish the rest of the curriculum alone.

We do have a great support structure in place that ensures that no matter what happens to you and your coding partner, you will each stay supported and motivated throughout your learning journey. 

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