First and foremost, we believe that if you get a job where you do not use any of the knowledge that you learned or any of the resources that we provide during our Program then we should not be entitled to charge you anything.

The Income Share Agreement is only in effect when you are working in any software-related job such as Software Development, Data Science, Cyber Security, AI, Information Technology etc.

What if I already work in one of those fields?

If you already have experience working in one of the areas mentioned above (e.g. Data Science), it is completely possible that once you finish the program you end up working in a position that combines your previous skills with software development (assuming this is what you want, of course). If this were the case, then although you would "go back" to your previous field of expertise, you would still be using the software development skills learned during our program. 

We expect such a position (one that requires a knowledge of software development) to also come with an increase in salary from what you currently earn, and we also hope that our career prep curriculum, career coach, and other resources we provide would in fact have lead you to your new job. Thus, we believe it fair, in this case, that you pay for the program. 

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