Internet connectivity is one of the key frustrations for both our applicants and our students so, unfortunately, we have to be somewhat particular about this. 

In order to join our full-time program, the following Internet connectivity requirements must be met:

  • Download speed must be OVER 3 mbps

  • Upload speed must be OVER 1 mbps

  • Jitter must be UNDER 30 ms

  • Ping/Latency must be UNDER 150 ms

  • Packet loss must UNDER or equal to 1%

Use the following to test your connection:

  • Use this link to measure your connection

  • Open your terminal and, depending on your OS, type:
    For Mac/Linux: ping -c 100
    For Windows: ping -n 100

You may want to try using a physical ethernet connection to increase your signal's quality. If your connection does not meet our requirements, we suggest you reach out to your Internet Service Provider and request an upgrade for your connection. They will often do this at no cost.

Investing in a good Internet connection will not only be valuable for the Program, but also for your career as a remote software developer.

Read more about other requirements to join our full-time program.

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