Mostly, you will be working non-stop for 8+ hours a day for at least 9 months in our Program, but you are allowed a few breaks.

We embrace all cultures and religions and understand if you have official local or religious holidays that you need to request off. All requested days off should be made at least 2 weeks in advance, to give us and your coding partner enough notice.

Apart from local and religious holidays, you are allowed to take a 1 week long break around month 4-5 (depending on your pace) when you finish the long and strenuous Rails course. This is a great time to refresh your mind and energy by spending time with friends and family, taking a small trip somewhere if you can, sleeping, and just do your best to get away from your computer! Really try to unplug yourself!  Other than that, we request students to be available at least 95% of the days of the program. 

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