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Can students take vacations or breaks during the program?
Can students take vacations or breaks during the program?
Learn whether we offer breaks or if you can take time off from the Microverse Program.
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Yes! Microverse is a full-time program and takes around 12 months to complete which is a long time to work without taking a break. This means the Core curriculum takes 7 months to complete, and most students get a job within the following 5 months. However, that duration may be shorter or longer depending on several variables.

We encourage all of our students to take a week-long break about halfway through their journey after they complete Module 3: React & Job Application Materials. This is a great achievement and we believe that if you've made it this far you deserve a break! The timing of this break is not certain as it will depend on how quickly you are progressing through the program. 

Can I take a week off other than the break after Module 3?

As Microverse is a collaborative program we cannot allow students to take week-long breaks at other points in the program. Taking breaks affects not only your progress but also that of your coding partner and your standup team.

Please don't plan any holidays or breaks for any time other than after you've completed Module 3.

Can I take time off for local or religious holidays?

We embrace all cultures and religions and understand if you have official local or religious holidays that you need to request off. All requests for time off should be made in advance to ensure minimal disruption to you and your coding partner.

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