Lunch & Learn: Speaker's FAQ
Find answers to frequently asked questions from speakers of our weekly Lunch & Learn webinars.
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What is a Lunch & Learn?

A Lunch & Learn is a 30 minute webinar given by an inspiring developer to aspiring developers. Speakers can either talk about their personal stories, their experiences working as a developer in their previous and present companies or any knowledge they can share to aspiring developers who are starting their career.

Why do you organize Lunch & Learns?

We organize weekly Lunch & Learns as webinars where we invite all our students and community to join. The goal is not to teach, but to inspire. We bring professionals who are doing really good in their careers to share their personal stories.

What is the typical background of a guest speaker?

If you work as a developer, chances are that you have an interesting and inspiring story to share. 

We have previously hosted speakers from Airbnb, Google, GitLab, Heroku and many other cool companies, and we are especially interested in topics such as remote work, open source and freelancing.

You can take a look at some of the previous Lunch & Learns here.

How can I become a speaker at a Lunch & Learn?

Send a message to [email protected] with information about yourself and your professional journey and a suggestion for your Lunch & Learn topic. We will get back to you in less than 48 hours and will help you schedule a time for the talk.

How much is the pay?

This is an unpaid opportunity. Guest speakers see Lunch & Learns as an opportunity to inspire and help other developers while gaining valuable experience in public speaking. You'll also be promoting your organisation or self increasing your visability via our platform. We have students and members of our community from more than 100 different countries, so this is an opportunity to make an impact at a global scale.

Should I prepare any material for the talk?

There is no need to prepare slides unless you want, and we prefer for these talks to feel simple and close. You should aim to connect with our student's concerns and dreams.

Is there a preferred date and time for the Lunch & Learn?

You can choose any date and time that is open on the calendar.  

Since we have students all over the world, it really doesn't matter at which time of the day we do it, so you just tell us what time and date works for you.

What’s the level of knowledge of the students?

They have spent the past 2-3 months learning Ruby, Ruby on Rails and React full-time and also contributing to open source  and working on some small freelance projects. They are entry-level, but very autonomous and comfortable working remotely (they learn by collaborating remotely 8 hours a day).

What kind of topics are most interesting for your students?

We think it would be great to have you sharing your professional journey with them. You can just share your personal story and talk about the ups and downs and the different things you have done in your career.

There are topics such as remote work, freelancing and open source that are also really interesting, but try to keep it as personal as possible.

You can take a look at some of the previous Lunch & Learns here if you want some inspiration.

What happens during the Lunch & Learn?

We will invite and train two of our students to host the webinar. They will introduce you and then you will have 15-20 minutes to talk about any topic that you want. During your talk, there is a way for all the participants to send questions, and the two hosting students will ask the top questions to you after you finish for around 10 minutes. Please know that we will stream and record the talk.

Do you record the talk?

Yes, since we have students all around the world, and some of them won't be able to join regardless of the time. That's why we record the talks and share them with everyone just in case.  

Does accent matter?

With regards to the English accent, we bring guest speakers from all around the world and many of them have strong accents. If you feel comfortable speaking in English and you often talk with clients and colleagues in English, your accent won’t be a problem.

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