This is a big question, so let's divide its answer into three parts:

Remote Pair Programming: This is at the core of how you will learn as a Microverse student. When you join Microverse, we will pair you up with another student from your start class. Each of our students has been vetted to ensure they have the technical and collaboration skills necessary to make a good coding partner. You and your coding partner will learn together for about 8 hours a day through collaborative activities, such as remote pair programming, for approximately 12 months (you will likely change coding partners a few times throughout the Program). We believe that learning to closely collaborate with a diverse group of people will make you a stronger developer and a better prospective employee for companies seeking global talent.

Mastery-Learning, Project-Based Curriculum: You and your coding partner will learn by following a curated curriculum of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Algorithms & Data Structures. What's more, we believe in the power of learning by doing, so our methodology is fully based on project-based learning. You and your coding partners will learn all these languages by building real-life projects together. You will collaborate in real-time, just as you would with colleagues if you were part of a distributed team in a real company. Learn more about our curriculum here

Integral Support: Microverse is a teacher-less environment. That does not mean that there is no support, but rather that there are no live classes taught by instructors. You will learn by asking other students, your Stand-Up Team, mentors, and Code Reviewers for help when you get stuck. One of the most important skills that companies look for in junior developers is to know when and how to ask for help. We believe in giving you the necessary tools to become not just a great developer, but also a great employee and co-worker. Learn more about our support structure here.

Our innovative and unique approach not only provides you with an accountability partner and a large, global support network but also helps you learn remote workflows and acquire the experience, collaboration, and communication skills that are necessary to join a global company. 

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