Whether you choose to drop out of the program, due to finding a job, or due to any other reason - there are 3 different scenarios that could apply to you depending on how long you've spent at Microverse. View the Program modules here for reference.

Here are the scenarios that apply depending on when you leave Microverse πŸ‘‡

🐣 Before starting Module 2

Don't pay anything

Your ISA does not come into effect.

(Pay $0.)

πŸ₯ After starting Module 2

Pay a pro-rated amount of the ISA

Pay a portion of the ISA. The amount depends on your time in the Program.

πŸ“ After 15 weeks at Microverse

Pay the full amount of $15,000 USD

You are responsible for the full amount disclosed in the ISA.

Why we do things this way

You start getting a lot of value from the Program from the first day you join, such as accelerated learning, networking, and code reviews. If you get a job while in the Program or after you leave it, the Program is likely to have had a strong influence.

The amount of the Income Share Agreement that you would need to pay is directly correlated with the technical curriculum and the jobs you could get with what you've learned. That is why you aren't liable to pay back anything if you leave before starting Module 2 since you won't find a job based on that education alone. That quickly changes in the following weeks.

During Module 2 you will gain enough skills to apply and leverage professionally, and the amount to pay starts to increase over time from that point onward. Then after 15 weeks in the Program, you'll have developed a strong portfolio and fantastic experiences benefitting any job application. That is why we, after 15 weeks in the Program, ask you to begin ISA repayments of 15% of your gross salary until you pay the entire amount of $15,000 USD.

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