Here are the different scenarios that could apply to this case:

  • If you drop out in the first 4 weeks your ISA is cancelled completely.
  • If you drop out after week 4 but before week 15, we will prorate the duration of your ISA. For instance, if you leave after 8 weeks you will owe 15% of your monthly income until you reach a cap of $4,000 (or $15,000 * 8 weeks / 30 weeks).
  • Once you are past week 15, you are responsible for the full amount disclosed in the ISA (15% of your monthly income until you reach $15,000).

Your payments will begin upon 1 month of leaving the Program.

Now let's talk about why we do things this way:

You start getting a lot of value from the Program from the first day you join (e.g. accelerated learning, networking, etc). If you get a job while in the Program, the Program probably had a big influence in that.

Also, if you get a job while in the Program and you decide to take the offer before finishing, that means that you are letting your coding partner down because they will have to continue alone after that. 

We will never ask you to reject a good job offer for this reason, but we will try to help you find a way to finalize the Program before joining the job if possible so you get the most out of it.

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