To avoid making subjective decisions, we have created a list of more objective experience levels. 

  • Level 0: I have no experience coding

If you are in Level 0, then we would suggest that you start with the Pre-Course Work. The Pre-Course Work provides a great introduction to software development and gets you ready to take on the Coding Challenges required to join the full-time program.

  • Level 1: I have completed some basic tutorials and courses

  • Level 2: I'm comfortable building simple algorithms and applications

  • Level 3: I have built and deployed applications used by real users in production

If you are in Level 1 - 3, then we think that you would be a great fit for Microverse!

  • Level 4: I'm a professional software developer, but I want to improve my skills

If you are in Level 4, then we still think that you could greatly benefit from our program. However, you must know that, regardless of how much experience you already have, you will still have to go through our entire full-time curriculum.

  • Level 5: I'm a professional software developer and I just want a remote job

We are first and foremost a school and not a recruiting firm. If all you want is help to find a remote job, then we believe Microverse is not the right fit for you.

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