Our curriculum's number one goal is to help you get a well-paying and rewarding job as a web developer. It is composed of three sub-curriculums that come together to give you all the skills required from a world-class web developer:

  • Our technical curriculum

  • Our professional skills curriculum

  • Our algorithms and data structures curriculum

Our Technical Curriculum ⌨️

This curriculum is the core of our full-time web development program. It's where you will spend over 1,000 hours mastering essential technologies and concepts that will help you become a great full-stack web developer.

You will complete most projects in this curriculum collaboratively (with a coding partner). This will ensure you get a lot of teamwork experience, learn important collaborative workflows used by professional devs, and continuously improve your communication skills.

Our Technical Curriculum is broken down into five main sections:

  • HTML & CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • Ruby and Databases

  • Ruby on Rails

Our Professional Skills Curriculum 🧑🏽‍💼

It's very common for developers to ignore the need for professional and soft skills. However, professional skills -- the ability to communicate clearly, treat your work ethically, and write compelling resumes and cover letters -- are incredibly important, not just to find a job in software development but also to perform well in that job. The purpose of our Professional Skills Curriculum is to develop these skills in every single Microverse student.

Our Algorithms & Data Structures Curriculum 🧮

This curriculum is composed of lessons and coding challenges. It aims to both test your understanding of programming concepts and prepare you for those daunting technical interviews!

What happens afterward? Job Searching! 🔎

Once you've completed this curriculum (and, of course, passed all of the assessments contained within), you'll be ready to take on the global job market. Your Microverse career coach will help you find and apply to jobs, prep for interviews, and even negotiate your job offers.

View our full syllabus here.

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