Our program's goal is to help you get a well-paying and rewarding job as a software developer.

Our students learn software development, web development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and algorithms & data structures. 

Our curriculum has been carefully curated from the best resources out there. We use open source and online content as well as Microverse-created content to create a project-based curriculum especially designed to prepare you for the job market. 

You will build at least 30 different projects across all our languages. You will also work full-time with your coding partner (another student) by doing remote pair programming. That will give you a lot of teamwork experience, as well as teaching you the most important workflows used by real teams, and helping you improve your communication skills and English level.

You will also dedicate at least 100 hours to mastering data structures and algorithms, so you can work on more complicated algorithms and easily pass any coding interview.

Finally, we will work with you to help you get ready for job interviews. We will help you improve your portfolio, resume and online presence, and we will teach you everything you need to know for job interviews. After that, we will then help you find and apply to jobs and negotiate the different offer you get.

You can download our syllabus on this page.

If you have feedback on our curriculum, please let us know here

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