Our methodology uses collaboration as the main support mechanism. That means you will spend most of your time in the program working with your coding partner on real-world projects. Think of your coding partner as your gym buddy: they will help you stay motivated throughout your work, support you when you get stuck or frustrated, and help you show up every day. There is a Swedish proverb that says: "Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half sorrow". That is what learning through pair programming is all about.

You will have a Stand-Up Team as your core support group. Think of them as your classmates; it's a group of 5 other students that will be going through the same learning experience that you are going through at approximately the same time. 

On top of that, you will get a Mentor assigned. Your Mentor will be another student that is more advanced in the program than you are. They will be your motivational coach and help guide you during your first few weeks in the program.

There will also be Code Reviewers available to answer any question you might have and perform code reviews of your projects. These code reviewers are software developers that have graduated from our Program and know the ins and outs of being a Microverse student.

Once you enter the Career Prep part of our Program, you will get a Career Coach assigned. Career Coaches are professionals who will work along-side you to get you ready for the job market and make sure you find the job that's right for you.

Finally, we have a dedicated Student Success Team that is always available to help you with any motivational issues, partner issues, personal issues, etc. Anything that may prevent you from completing the program, the Student Success Team is there to work with you through the problem.

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