A Microverse student (Micronaut 👩🏼‍🚀) needs to meet all of the following characteristics to succeed in our program.

Most of these criteria are determined by our unique learning methodology (click here to read about it before continuing).

Soft Skills 🌟

These are the most important of all! To succeed in our program, you must be able to:

  1. Enjoy learning new material relatively fast in a self-directed way (we have no teachers!)

  2. Have a growth mindset and take failures as opportunities to learn

  3. Enjoy collaborating with people from different cultures

  4. Demonstrate professionalism and reliability (e.g., show up on time for scheduled commitments)

  5. Communicate clearly and effectively in written and spoken English (ideally, B2 level or higher)

Technical Skills ⌨️

You must also have these technical skills down. They sound harder to achieve than they are, and you can learn them all with our free, self-paced Pre-Course Work!

  1. Understand the basics of computer science fundamentals

  2. Understand how to read and write basic HTML & CSS

  3. Understand the basics of git and GitHub

  4. Understand how to use basic code structures in JavaScript

  5. Understand how to solve basic algorithmic coding challenges (you can learn this through our free coding sessions)

Mental, Financial, and Workspace Readiness 🚦

Of course, you must also be ready for a fast-paced, intense, remote learning journey by having:

  1. No other academic or professional commitment from Monday - Friday (you'll be learning for 8-10 hours a day!)

  2. 12 months' worth of monthly expenses to sustain you while going through our program and until you get your first paycheck (part-time jobs are not possible due to our demanding curriculum). The technical curriculum takes 7 months to complete, and most students get a job within the following 5 months.

  3. A reliable computer with a microphone and webcam (see specs here)

  4. A distraction-free workspace with a stable electricity supply and high-speed and stable internet (read more)

  5. An unwavering commitment to our program and the intention to work full-time as a developer after the program

Finally, to join our full-time program, you will need to complete our entire application process, where we'll assess you on all of the criteria described above.

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