To join our full-time program, you will need to complete our entire application process. Through your application, we'll make sure that you meet all of the following requirements needed to join our full-time program:

  • English: You need to be proficient in spoken and written English (B2 level, at a minimum).
  • Availability: You need to be available to join the program full-time: Mon - Fri / 8 am - 5:15 pm UTC-6/UTC+1. Part-time jobs are not possible with our demanding curriculum (although we still recommend against it, a part-time job that is less than 12 hours a week and happens ONLY over the weekend may be acceptable depending on the applicant's situation).
  • Financial Support: You need to be able to support yourself financially throughout the Program (12 months) and throughout your job search (time varies by student).
  • Internet: You need to have access to a high-speed and stable Internet connection 24 hours a day (read more).
  • Equipment: You need to own a computer (see specs here) with a microphone and webcam.
  • Basic Coding Knowledge: Before joining, you will need to know how to solve basic algorithmic problems. If you don't how to yet, we recommend that you take a look at our free, self-paced Pre-Course Work or participate in our free coding sessions. Please note that although you need some prior knowledge of programming, you do NOT need to have prior knowledge in the specific languages we teach (e.g. Ruby, React).
  • Intention to Work: You must be available and have the intention to work full-time once you graduate from our program. 
  • Collaboration Skills: You need to enjoy spending time building, learning, and working with other people. We are looking for exceptional collaborators and communicators.
  • Professionalism and Work Ethic: You must have a strong work ethic and behave respectfully and responsibly. This is one of the most important characteristics we look for in new students.
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