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What’s the difference between Level Up and the full-time program?
What’s the difference between Level Up and the full-time program?
Read more about what makes Level Up and the full-time program two distinct learning experiences.
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What is Microverse's Web Development Program?

Level Up is a way for you to learn enough about coding to apply to the Full-Time Program, which allows you to become a full-stack developer and find a great job.

The Full-Time Program lasts for 12 months, with a technical curriculum that takes 7 months to complete. Most students get a job within the following 5 months. However, the duration may vary depending on several variables. The program runs from 8 am to 5:15 pm daily, in the UTC+1 and UTC-6 time zones, and costs $15,000 USD in tuition fees. After completing the program, you will start paying back the tuition fees in increments of 15% of your software developer salary, provided you get a job.

If you are prepared to commit to the program's duration and schedule and pass the Coding Challenges with the knowledge you already have, the full-time program is the right option for you.

Level Up is a free, self-paced, virtual learning environment designed to help you pass the Coding Challenges: a requirement to submit your application to the Full-Time Program.

Besides preparing you to complete the Coding Challenges, Level Up allows you to experience the collaborative nature of Microverse's full-time program.

Level Up has limited seats, only available to 100 simultaneous users. If you are interested in this experience, we suggest you plan accordingly to join.

Read more about how we can recommend the best option for you through our application process.

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