What is the Microverse Referral Program?

As a part of Microverse's mission to increase access to life-changing global opportunities, the Microverse Referral Program encourages and rewards people for spreading awareness of Microverse's Full-Time program. 

The Microverse Referral Program will send you a referral bonus between $150-$200 USD anytime a friend that you recommended to join Microverse's Full-Time program completes the fourth week of our program. 

How do I participate in the Microverse Referral Program? 

In the application, have your friends answer "Friend" or "Microverse Student" to the question "How did you hear about Microverse?"

Then, have your friend enter in your email to the following question.

How much is the referral bonus?

First student referral: $150 USD
Second student referral: $175 USD
Additional student referrals: $200 USD

I referred a student. When will I receive the referral bonus?

When your friend finishes Week 4 of Microverse's Full-Time Program, we will send you an email to coordinate making a payment via bank transfer. 

How many friends can I refer?

We have no limit on the number of people you can refer to the program.

If you are part of a meetup or youth group focused on technology, for example, and have many friends that you think would be interested in Microverse, you can benefit by referring them all.

I referred a friend to the program. How can I check their status? 

Email [email protected] with the subject "Referral Status" and include your email, the student's first and last name, and the student's email. 

Wouldn't a referral link be an easier way to refer my friends?

Yes, a referral link would be a great way of spreading the word and ensuring everyone gets credit for referring their friends. We're working on this and will share with you soon! For now, remind your friend to say they learned about Microverse from a friend or current student when they fill out the initial application, and they will be able to put in your email.

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